Sanskrit Vidyalaya

Why Not Haveli?

The question is that what is the primary task of any spiritual institute? It's as clear as water; the primary objective should be to educate and impart spiritual and cultural knowledge and in-turn help them live a life of true contentedness.

In today's scenario; we are feeling satisīŦed by just doing occasional darshans and participating in events; well that is not the true form of Bhaktimarg! Shri Vallabh has shown us the true form of Devotion and Spirituality. Our primary objective is to build an institute that provides Spiritual and Cultural Knowledge in its true form.

Now comes the material world! Yes competitions in the careers are at its peak and we need to achieve breakthrough results in that too; so a balance approach of Sanskar with Education is the main purpose of our Pushtisanskar Dham Campus.

To summarise; is our pushtimarg just a path of Darshan and Manoraths? Are the scholarly Granths and works of Our Acharya Shree Vallabh are of no other use? Can't we explore a dierent approach and try to make an impact in the life of Children and Youth and all the Vaishnavs in a way that Shree Vallabh would have wanted? is it so diicult to even give it a try?

Pushtisanskardham is a project proposed by Pushtisanskar Sansthan (Institution) that will take shape near Junagadh spread out approximately in 50 acres.
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