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Pushtisanskar Vidhyapeeth

After successful implementation of Pathshala for 3 years; Back in 2016, Goswami Shri Piyush Bavashri had a wonderful idea to work for youth who still wants to revive their devotion and spirituality and want to walk on the path of Pushti and so the Pushtisanskar Vidyapeeth was started for the people above the age of 16. Time is always a concern for youth due to the priorities of Education, Career, Job, family and so on.. , So we came up with the distance education and online learning concept in the vidyapeeth. All the courses are designed in such a manner that you can take them from any corner of the world, learn them, give the online examination and get certified and in turn receive the contentedness revealing the true meaning of our Granths and our Siddhant’

In very short period students from India and many other countries enrolled in this various courses and constantly receiving wonderful results in their life. All these courses are free of cost; they just have to pay for the course materials and online examinations which are in total less than $10!! Yes!

Pushtisanskardham is a project proposed by Pushtisanskar Sansthan (Institution) that will take shape near Junagadh spread out approximately in 50 acres.
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