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What Makes Us Different?

Yes we are dierent! How? Read on...

What defines uniqueness? Well in the respect to the project; we have identified 3 aspects to check anyone’s uniqueness, viz:

  • Who is doing?
  • What they are doing?
  • How they are doing?

So let's find the answers to the above questions and you will get your answer on how we are dierent!

Yes; that matters! Think of a builder managing a school or a politician managing a hospital. Now a day’s its a common sight but do we really think that they can impart the values really needed into the holistic upbringing of a child! Education and Culture were and are the task of Acharyas. The life of Goswami Shri Kishorechandraji Maharajshri and Goswami Shri Piyush Bavashri in itself sets the example of true form of simplicity, purity and ‘siddhant nishth’ ! You can only expect wonders out of such Acharya’s!
Well, there are lots of easy task in Pushtimarg today to work on; you can make a grand haveli, temple or amusement parks with little cultural additions and what not! But No! We choose to address the core and missing factor: Education and Cultural Sanskar, it's both dierent and diicult from the mainstream but we are committed towards it.
As righteously said that, success alone doesn’t matter but the path taken to achieve it matters the most! We have completely avoided any commercial partnerships or sponsorships and profiteering methods and concepts. Even avoided the large-scale donors who want their names as the name of the institutes; everything will be in its pure form with the names too will be depicting our finest acharya’s - Shree Vallabh, Shree Gusainji, Shree Harirayji, etc. Everything will be for all Vaishnavas to take benefits out of them in its divine form.
Pushtisanskardham is a project proposed by Pushtisanskar Sansthan (Institution) that will take shape near Junagadh spread out approximately in 50 acres.
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