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Panchgavya Research & Healing Centre

As described earlier, Panchagavya has immense qualities that if applied well, can benefit our lifestyle in astounding ways. In India, in several states, there are several small and big farmers that are experimenting panchagavya based farming and have received notable results but then too “the question is arising that why Panchagavya based organic farming mechanism is not reaching in the mainstream?”

After thorough research and analysis, we think that a systematic educational approach is missing for the same. Similar to that Panchagavya has lots of Healing and curing abilities. In all the respects Panchagavya can make our lives healthier and this planet greener by avoiding chemical fertilisers, harmful pesticides and lots of modern medicines!

So Our Panchagavya Research Centre will be first of its kind approach in the whole world where we will have dedicated well equipped Research laboratory and a team of dedicated research scientist who will be exploring the goodness of Panchagavya and its implication in various fields and then a practical implementation methods and products will be developed for them to easily reach the masses. Regular courses and technology distribution seminars will be conducted to provide the practical applications and findings to the farmers and general society.

Campus visitors can stay in the campus and take the advantages of the Healing Centre for regular lifestyle health issues and get knowledge regarding its implication for regular cures on various diseases.

Pushtisanskardham is a project proposed by Pushtisanskar Sansthan (Institution) that will take shape near Junagadh spread out approximately in 50 acres.
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