Sanskrit Vidyalaya

Why and How Global?

Globalization in true form means Equalization!

In the education system; we all are aware of the vast dierences in the quality of teaching and curriculum based on the geographical location and aordability. Similarly we see various dierent approach in the core spiritual and cultural knowledge based on geography.

Our Global Mantra is simple; Pushtisanskar Dham Campus will provide world class education system and authentic cultural knowledge in the central campus as well as in the form of remote centres and online mode worldwide. This will be possible due to all the technological advancements and its adaptation in our working methodologies; speaking of that, presently we are nearer to each other than ever before!

Pushtisanskardham is a project proposed by Pushtisanskar Sansthan (Institution) that will take shape near Junagadh spread out approximately in 50 acres.
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