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Pushtisanskar University

Pushtisanskar University is a brainchild of our Acharya Goswami Shri Piyush Bavashri. The main purpose of the university is to amalgamate modern day education and our culture into the new generation.

It’s not only the 1st Pushtimarg Vaishnav University in the World but also it’s safe to say that the departments and the learning system that is envisioned in this university are in itself unique Globally.

Below-given are the departments and courses that will be introduced in the University at various stages.

Various Certificates, Undergraduate, Graduate, Post-Graduate and Doctoral research studies with resident and online mode will be conducted in the below given specializations:

Department of Languages

(Sanskrit, Hindi, Gujarati, Vraj Bhasha and English Language)

Department of Science & Technology

(Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, 3D Animation, Hardware - Networking & IOT, etc.)

Department of Arts and Culture

(Performing Arts, Artisan Skills, Heritage Conservation, Music, Singing, Cultural Studies, etc.)

Department of Management

(Business Management, Family Business Management, Smart City Management, Entrepreneurship Development, etc clubbed with ethical studies and Applied Geeta Principles)

Department of Shastra Studies

(Shrimad Geeta, Shreemad Bhagvat, Vedas and Upanishads, Various Granths written by Shri Vallabh, etc.)

Department of Environment and Nature Sciences

(Environment Conservation, Greenhouse Eect Studies, Wildlife Conservation, Forest Conservation, Water Conservation & River rejuvenation, Organic Farming, Panchgavya Studies, etc.)

Department of Social Works

(NGO Management, Rural Development, Political Sciences, CSR Management, etc.)

Department of Education

(Elementary Education, Vocational Education, Higher Studies, Yoga Education, e- learning, Holistic Methodology, Sports, etc.)

All the above departments and the courses will have a unique syllabus with lots of in-depth custom content creation and researched knowledge imparting system under the direct influence of Goswami Shri Piyush Bavashri and other learned experts team.

We already have completed the MOU with the Government of Gujarat in Jan 2019 Vibrant Gujarat Summit for the establishment of Pushtisanskar University

We actively seek associations with bright minds around the globe for both Knowledge Partnership as well as Financial Aid for bringing this wonderful vision into life!

Let's join hands and work for a better tomorrow...

Pushtisanskardham is a project proposed by Pushtisanskar Sansthan (Institution) that will take shape near Junagadh spread out approximately in 50 acres.
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