Green Initiative

To meet the energy requirement like street lights, gas etc, for the entire pushtisanskardham complex an environment friendly energy system with modern technology will be set up.

Solar Light System

Most modern solar energy system is planned to meet the energy need of the pushtisanskardham complex. This includes roof top solar panels and solar water pumps to meet the water needs.

Bio-gas plant

For the students hostels and canteen kitchens the gas fuel shall be supplied by gobar gas plants. Cow dung from goshala will be utilized for this purpose. This will be an important componenet preparing the wholesome food.

Organic Farming

To supply the need of vegetables etc. for the kitchens of Gurukul, canteen etc. we shall attempt to provide as much as possible through organic farming. The bi-product of gobar gas plant shall be converted in to manure, this will be one of the basis of healthy food.

Solar Car

For the visitors to the pushtisanskardham it is good that they be provided the tour of the entire comlex. There will be a lot of internal movement by the employees of the complex from one section to another. For this pollution free transportation is planned by having a solar car. This will help to keep the natural surroundings of the campus free from the petrol and diesel fumes.

Plastic free Sankool

Use of plastic is a major cause of pollution. We shall make all possible efforts to keep the pushtisanskardham campus free of plastic. As alternative, the paper dish or paper bags will be used. This will also help to keep the campus free from pollution.

Waste Water Management

It is but natural that such a large size complex will use lot of water. There shall be two fold method to dispose the used dirty water. (1) sewage pit (2) water purifying plant. Water purified by the plant will be supplied for the agri- use in the neighboring areas. Thus our neighbourhood too will be benefited.