Shree Vallabhdham

Estimated Construction Area : 20,000 Sqft.
Capacity: 3000 persons

‘ Shri Vallabhdham’ – Pushtisanskar Complex shall function as a Spiritual Centre. Divine personality of Shri Vallabhacharyaji, his discourses and the scriptures shall be the central point of establishing ‘ Shri Vallabhdham’. ShriVallabhdham shall become the place to experience the peace and divine joy of Krisna devotion in your august presence as Acharya of Shri Vallabhachryaji.

Sphere of work

Life and mission of Shri mahaprabhuji Shri Vallbhacharyaji and the prononced pushti-principles shall be depicted for the devotees in ‘ Shri Vallabhdham’. Children and youth studying in other sections of pushtisanskardham like pushtisanskar international school, gurukul, vidyapith, Sanskrit vidyalaya, pushti-bhakti-sangeet vidyalaya, shall express the knowledge acquired before Shri Vallbh in ‘ Shri Vallabhdham’. Over and above the children and youth will benefit daily worship, singing of hymns, spiritual and cultural values of SHri mahaprapbhuji. The studies of scriptures and discourses of Shri Mahaprabhuji shall also be possible in ‘ Shri Vallabhdham’. Shri Vallbhdham –pushtisanskardham shall be an important place to experience the spiritual divinity for all visitors to come.