Pushtisanskar Vidyapeeth

Estimated Construction Area : 70000 Sqft.

To understand the religion in its real form it is essential to study the scriptures. These days there is an inquisitiveness among the religious people to learn about the scriptures. Pushtisanskar Vidyapith has been planning various courses on the scriptures for such eager devotees. Degree courses on different scriptures by Shri Vallabhacharyaji, Sanskrit language, Shrimad Bhagvadgita, Upnishad, Shribhagvat etc. will be conducted. Moreover different courses will be planned in tune with modern education and technology in a simple language so that along with spiritual enhancement to lead a life of satisfaction, generating econonomic sustenance is also important. To this end it is resolved that different course will be provided through this all inclusive training complex. Following courses are proposed.

  • B.A./ M.A. with Sasnkrit
  • B.A./ M.A. with Gujarati
  • B.A./ M.A. with Hindi
  • B.A./ M.A. with English
  • B.A./ M.A. with Sriptures.(Vedas etc.)
  • B.A./ M.A. with Fine Arts
  • B.A./ M.A. with Animation
Computer Education
  • B.C.A.
  • B.Sc.I.T.
  • M.Sc.I.T.
Certificate Courses
  • Pushtimarg – pushtimargiya cookery, beautician etc.
  • Shodasgranth –Shrimad Bhagadgita – Shribhagvat.
  • Sanskrit language.
Pushtimarg Trainer Course
  • This course will prepare the teachers for Pathshalas and our Preachers.
Sphere of work

Pushtisanskar Vidyapith shall conduct degree courses on all the above. Seekers from India and abroad will be able to take up all these courses through distance education and on-line training. B.A. and M.A. course shall be regular college courses and will be affiliated to University as well. Vidyapith Bhavan will have residential facilities also for all the above courses. Thus students from across the world will benefit by joining the Pushtisanskar Vidyapithbhavan.