Pushtisanskar Sanskrit Vidhyalaya

Estimated Construction Area : 10000 Sqft.

To understand the religion in its real form it is essential to study the scriptures. Our original scriptural books are mostly written in Sanskrit. The knowledge of Sanskrit language is essential to understand the original elements of religion. Sanskrit language and its grammar are scientifically composed. Study of Sanskrit language is helpful in all-round progress and personality development. Therefore it is important for all to familiarize with Sanskrit language. To meet this need it is resolved to build Pushtisanskar Sanskrit Vidyalaya. It will have ancient Gurukul type Ashram arrangements.

Pushtisanskar Sanskrit Vidyalaya shall be an important centre to prepare the duly trained youth to be the torch-bearers of religious culture.

Sphere of work

Will facilitate the educational studies of Sanskrit language, Vedas, Upnishad , Shrimadbhagvadgita, Shribhagvat . Courses conducted by the Pushtisanskar Sanskrit Vidyalaya will be available through distance education, on-line studies as well as residential training.