Pushtibhakti Sangeet Vidhyalaya

Estimated Construction Area : 10000 Sqft.

In a spiritual sphere the music has an important place. Music is a simple tool to experience proximity to God. Music helps in a great way for a mental health and also to concentrate the mind. It is scientifically proved that music has therapeutic value in many diseases.

Classic music and ragas is the basis of Pushti Bhakti Sangeet. In pushtimarg tradtion of worship the music has an important place. Entire worship is connected with music and singing. Classical dancing and music will also be included in the course. Pushti Bhakti Sangeet Vidyalaya is proposed to keep up our divine tradition.

Sphere of work

It is proposed to have a certificate course in Pushti Bhakti Sangeet Vidyalaya on various musical instruments like Vina, Tabla, drum, classical music and pusti-devotional worship and singing. Courses conducted by the Pushtibhakti Sangeet Vidyalaya will be available through distance education, on-line studies as well as residential training.