Project Development Phases

Keeping the size of the project in mind it is planned to complete in three phases as under:

Phase - 1

In the first phase Shri Vallbhdham which is central to the pushtisnaskardham complex will be fully completed. In the same phase it is planned to complete 30% of work on international school, gurukul, cantten,guest house, staff quarters, kitchens, play ground and the garden and Head office.

Phase - 2

In the second phase 30% work on pushtisanskar Vidyapith, Sanskrit vidyalaya, panchgavya research centre, auditorium, library, amphitheater, exhibition centre, Distribution centre, Guest house, staff quarters, Head office is planned to be completed.

Phase - 3

In the third phase the work on sangeet vidyalaya, convention centre and the remaining portions of the work in other sections will be completed.

Project Development Timeline