Pushtisanskar Sansthan Head Office

Estimated Construction Area : 30000 Sqft.

Pushtisanskar Institution shall manage and administer Pushtisanskardham and its various activites. For efficient and effective management a well planned and equipped with modern technology centralized admin centre is proposed. This office will be the main guidance and administration centre for all the activities conducted by pustisanskar pathshala, pushtisanskar parivar, pushtisanskar, Vidyapith, pushtisanskardham.

The office will mainly function in two departments.

  • Managment Department
  • Technical Department
Sphere of work
1 - Managment Department

Total management of every section of the pushtisanskar institution and pushtisanskardham shall be done by this department. Offices of acharyashri, trustees, and the management officials shall function from here.

2 - Technical Department

Live broadcasting studio shall be set by thisdepartment to keep the Vaishnavs in India and abrad connected with every activity of pushtisanskar institution. 3 D animation and recording studio will also be set for the best use of audio-visual and 3Danimation technology for training the students of pathshala and pushtisanskardham.