Goshala Panchgavya Research Centre

Estimated Construction Area : 15000 Sqft.

God has given us a boon in the form cow to help live self sufficiently and honorably. Gomata is basic to our temporal, spiritual and divine sustenance. There- in lies the meaningfulness and progress in life. By the Grace of God for our real progress, cow’s progeny is a gift in our life. If well cared for, we will have nourishing milk, curd, butter, ghee. Cow dung and urine will provide manure. The vegetable, grains, and fruits produced with this manure is holy and wholesome. Goshala is inevitable for this purpose. Goshala is planned so that the students of pustisanskardham and the visitors understand this importance of cows and also the students get the wholesome food.

Together with Goshala the panchgavya research centre is proposed so that the milk, curd, ghee, urine and dung, these five products can be researched for its medicinal qualities and panchagavya based medicines can be made.

Sphere of work


To explain the importance of Goseva To the students studying in pushtisanskardham complex. Residential students will get wholesome cow milk, and have good growth. Will provide for the panchgavya research center.

Pachagavya Research Centre

Promote importance of panchagavya. Through research develop new panchagavya utility items and medicines, and promote panchagavya based agri- activities and manure. Exted these through distribution centres.