Pushtisanskardham Introduction

There is a spirituality and universal good will in the Indian religious culture which is unique in the whole world. In our culture we have spiritual values of selflessness and best human qualities; tuning them with modern scientific temper is the prime need of the time. Therefore with the blessings of Rev. Goswami shri Kishorechandraji Maharajshri and inspired by Goswami shri Piyushbavashri it is resolved to bring up Pushtisanskardham.

This will be an important centre to inculcate in the society specially the children and youth the high ideals prevalent in the purity of pushti- devotion according to the divine light of the scriptural and spiritual principles propounded by Shri Vallabhacharyaji.

Different Sections of Pushtisanskardham will work so as to inculcate in the society progressive high ideals of religion, spirituality, scripture, Sanskrit language, culture, music, art, science, education, health and self reliance.

Pushtisanskardham Location

Location is in the mountains of Girnar that was known in puranas as ‘Revtachal mountain. Today’s town of Junagadh is a historic town earlier known as ‘Jirnadurgnagar- Revatnagar then well established pouranic spiritual centre. Junagadh a town well known for devotional poet Narsi Mehta gives a natural vibes of divinity. Shrimad Acharyacharan Shri Vallabhacharya Mahaprabhu reached here in his journey of search (parikrama) had his discourse at damodar kund and settled here. After the arrival of Shri Mahaprabhuji Junagadh, became an important spiritual center Pushtimarg. After Shri Mahaprbhuji Acharyashri MAdhavraiji Maharaj took the seat. Because of his effective message in Junagadh and neighboring area, in the history of Pushtimarg Junagadh has found a proud place. Your descendants also kept the Acharya seat in Junagadh and spread the message of Shri Vallabhacharyaji. The same tradition is carried forward by Goswami Shri Kishrchandraji and Shri Piyushbavashri at Moti Haveli – Junagadh. To reinforce this tradition and the activities in the natures surroundings of Girnar it is resolved to actualize Pushtisanskardham.

To avail of the continuous guidance for the functioning of Pushtisanskardham , the location is selected at just 12 kms away from the Moti Haveli seat of Shri Achryashri. The land for the pushtisanskardham is purchased near the village Vadal on Rajkot high way.