Acharya shree's Introduction

Shri Mahaprabhu
Shri Vallabhacharyaji

India is the land of knowledge. In the field of religious reflection and spirituality, shrimad Bhagvadgita and shrimad bhagvad like scriptures are unparalleled.

Desired by Shri Bhagvad, Shri Vallabh came it this world to propound the Sadhana- methodology that has the crux of all the scriptures.

Vallabh means”Dear” – loved one. Loved by Bhagavan Shri Krishna Shri Vallabh in created a devotional way (bhakti marg) putting in it all the scriptures in a nutshell. Affected by his divine personality and philosophy many have adopted to this Krishna-devotional ways. Shri Vallabh’s sermons impressed that to be immersed in Krishan-devotion is the central basis of life. He clearly announced that the worthiness of life is in submission to Shri Bhagavd. Shri Vallabhacharyaji’s proven philosophical principles divinely defines the livings and –no livings in this universe. Based on the philosophy of Shri Vallabh, being of this world also it is possible to experience the manifestation and bliss of God. Principle preached by Shri Vallabhacharyaji inspires many vaishnavites even today. They are enumerated in his books and actions. Knowledge given in his discourses is our only guide, if these are internalized in our thoughts then we can surely have real direction and the bliss.

We are determined to reach the graceful message of Shri Vallabh to the society in real sense that He has labored for.

“Neither past has seen, nor will future see like of Shri Vallabh”

Goswami Shri Kishorechandraji Maharajshri

Goswami Shri Kishorechandraji Maharajshri is presently on the seat of Junagadh Moti Haveli wonderfully carries forward Acharya tradition. All are aware of his love for cows and its progeny. Not only in Surashta or Gujarat but the Vaishnavites residing in India and whole of the world are impressed and are in know of it. The expected qualities of the Acharyas of Shrimad Bhagvad viz. devotion to Krishnaseva, non-egoistic and Bhagvad knowledge are amply visible in you. No one coming in contact with you is ever left untouched and unaffected by your qualities of casualness and simplicity of life.

As an Acharya You are very particular about your duties towards your followers. Shri Vallabhachrya Gurukul is established in Choki- Sorath to provide the vaishnavi culture along with the modern education for the vaishnavite children. Moreover You have contributed in a special way to the various activities for Vraj development.

When people in animal husbandry were so worried about saving the cows during the famine of1987 then you saved lakhs and lakhs of cows by inspiring to open the cow care centres village to village. Even at the cost of selling out personal property. You were determined to promote and run the cow care centers. In your entire preaching prominent message is that the concern and care for the cows should be the basis of life time services.

Time to time various social activities, like recharging of wells, water conservation, check dams etc. are done by Goswami Shri Kishorechandraji Maharjshri. You have always been also supporting the program for tree plantation and negating the blind faith and addiction.

Goswami Shri Piyushbavashri

The personality of Goswami Shri Piyushbavashri the close associate of Goswami Shri Kishorechandraji Maharjshri has the deep impact of father. He is ever willing and ready for his duties as an Acharya. In the relationship of Master and followers it is Master’s job to always guide the followers. In the dictum of follow the master, you are a great inspiration to your devotees and an example by own your life.

It is a clear opinion of Goswami Shri Piyushbavashri that the children of vaishnavs must be inculcated with our culture from the childhood itself. The values given in the childhood play an important role in forming the personality throughout the life. He has always felt that the vaishnav child should become real devotee of pushti- marg in the principle of shri Mahaprabhuji and be filled with qualities of humanness. Driven by that feeling and inspiration of Shri Mahaprbhuji you have establishe ‘ pushti sanskar pathshala’.

Under your total guidance, the ‘ pushti sanskar pathshala’ has grown like a big tree. Thousands of children in numerous pathshalas are availing of these cultural values and are shaping up as real human beings.

Over and above these pathshalas under your sole guidance, for the studies and understanding the principles of Shri Vallabh, the pushtisanskar vidyapith is established. Youth trained by this Vidyapith and filled with spiritual enthusiasm, have in an organized manner to spread the culture, spirit of nationalism and for personalities development village to village ‘pushtisanskar parivars’ are established.

Your activities of spiritual and human development at individual and national level have found enormous support from the vaishnavs and the society. The fruits and the joy of these are experienced by the whole society through celebrations of “Pushtisanskar Mahotsav” every year.

Each of these activities should bring out excellent result. It is for this purpose you have planned Pushtisanskardham.